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Sexy Lashes

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Natural 4pcs/pair 2 Magnetic Eyelashes 3D False Eyelashes With 2 Magnets Handmade Fake Lashes Extension With Gift Box
Usage of magnetic eyelashes:
1. Put the outer layer of false eyelashes on the real eyelashes
2. Put the inner layer of false eyelashes under the real eyelashes
the false eyelashes will attached to the real eyelashes like sandwich biscuits, and the whole process does not need to use any glue. The magnetic eyelashes is reusable!
1 Pair 6D Magnetic Eyelashes
Double Magnet Fake Eye Lashes will make your eyes look stunning
False Eyelashes Type: Full Strip Lashes
False Eyelashes Length: 0.5-1cm
False Eyelashes Terrier: Plastic Cotton Stalk
False Eyelash Craft: Hand Made
False Eyelashes Style: Natural Long

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