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PDR Paintless Dent Repair Kit Car Dent Puller with Glue Puller Tabs Removal Kits for Vehicle Car Auto

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1. Aluminium body
2. Stainless Steel Adjustment knob
3. Stainless Steel Nuts / Bolts / Pivot pin / E-clips Fixing
4. A screw on the top of the lifter tooth is used to adjust the middle height of the lifter tooth.
5. With sanding oxidation process, smooth texture feel and outstanding looks, the product is very strong and durable.
6. On the bottom of the tooth lifter is silicone, not ordinary rubber, which is very soft and not harmful for oil painting and can be torn down.
How to use?
1.Dent caused by collision, scratch, smash。
2.Choose a tab that, matches the shape and size of the dent.
Apply Hot met glue on the center of the tap and in the circle inside and out, and make sure the glue is even and full on the tap.
Automobile Nail Puller:
- Made of durable Plastic and metal Easily remove Trim, Molding, Door panels and Dashboards Also works great for furniture repair soft and hard woods, antiques restorations, upholstery, leather work etc Rugged durable plastic construction prevents marring
- Works on interior and exterior trim, wide edge remover, narrow edge remover, pull-type remover, handle remover and upholstery clip remover
- It also can use for others situation ,such as fix your computer, so it is a great tool to have one in home.
Glue gun power: 100W
1pc dent lifter
1pc glue gun
1pc repair hammer
1pc tap down
1pc empty bottle
1pc blue rag
1pc yellow scraper
5pcs glue sticks
18pcs glue tabs
4pc x Automobile Nail Puller
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